Dear 30 year-old me,

You've completed two major milestones of your life thus far, wearing two rather different pieces of clothing for each of them.

You wore green for two years, carrying 50 kilos worth of iron on your back. You dug out a small hole that's just a little deeper than your height. You spent your days sweating it out alongside men that all shared the same hairstyle as you. You took orders half the time, and spent the other half trying to decipher what it actually meant. But by-and-by, you made it.

You wore a robed gown, seven years after that. During which, you'd learned about Anginas and Achondroplasia. You learned about the Green Fields that only the special few could walk on. You learned from professors that pottered around, with the grays in their ears. You juggled complex scenarios in your head, micromanaging to the best of your abilities. But by-and-by, you made it.

And here you are, 3 years after graduation. 30 years old, at the prime of your life. You've the world at your feet. I'm curious; have you started on your dreams?

Have you opened that free clinic that you promised you said you would? You came up with this idea, back when you were 16. It sounded so idealistic, even to your naive 16 year old self. But still, you wanted to open one. You wanted to bring medical care to those that couldn't afford it.

Have you committed yourself to Humanitarian Work? You've had this dream for as long as you could remember. Strangely though, you could not pin the source of inspiration, yet you felt so strongly about this dream. So compelled to apply the knowledge you have gained over the course of your life, to bring aid to those that needed it the most. You realised that this was what you truly wanted to do, back when you were 18.

The years will roll on. Things will change, and friends will come and go. But I know that despite the change that's happening around you, your dreams will always stay with you. Because as with dreams, this is what will drive you through the most trying periods. This is what will be your constant in the sea of change. This is what will make you, you.

The years will roll on. Things will change. But at least I can say wholeheartedly, that my dreams will always stay with me.

Thumb position; @rtikulation 2013

The Steinway; @rtikulation 2013

The sound produced is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me wish I stayed on to learn it. 

On the Bass; @rtikulation '13

Guitar President and good friend, Jeremy Chia

Shot the night before the PSI rose to 400.

Mr Sum

An Evening with Friends 2013

Shot for the College Choir; An Evening with Friends 2013