I haven't said alot about this great friend of mine.

I should.

This is one person I've come to know and have a deep respect for. Her character, sound. Her heart, true. A great leader, she is someone who is constantly radiating energy, empowering anyone and everyone. She is someone whom you can safely put your trust in. She is my great friend, Agatha.

Loyal and supportive, she demonstrates the talent of empathy that is truly admirable, providing a listening ear to those in need. She is someone who is with you in both good and bad times, sharing both your joys and sorrows. This is someone who doesn't run away when you face difficulties and obstacles that just seem insurmountable. This is someone who sticks up for you when questioned by others. 

Anybody can stick by you when things are good and smooth, but a true friend is one who sticks by you when the going gets rough. And I consider myself lucky to have met a friend like her. 

Thanks, Agatha.

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