25 ACsians. 9 days. 1 shared experience. This was our OCIP: Laos.

It was a truly an experience. To wake up to misty red roads. To step out into the fresh morning air hearing nothing but the sounds of animals stirring. It was inspiring.

Felt great to cartograph the entire experience, capturing the small moments that we sometimes miss, and preserving the special memories for us to remember and relive. From the hint of a child's smile, to a fast-paced soccer match with the locals, my creativity and skills were stretched, but it was all truly satisfying. Plus it was fun challenge to keep up with the cries for pictures from my fellow mates. They just go crazy when the camera's pointed at someone. (Camwhores, sigh.)


Photography aside, going down to the village's school and bringing joy to the kids' lives was truly wonderful. And while the days weren't always rosy, there was still a great sense of satisfaction that was shared by many of us when we managed to make the kids smile. It made me remember why I chose the path I'm about to take. Making these kids happy, even if it's with just rubber bands or the thrill of having their photograph taken made the trip all the more meaningful. We loved them and they in turn, loved us.

The Team

The 9 days flew by too quickly, and I guess I could say that my only regret was that I found myself again only at the end of the trip. But that's alright though. Glad that I managed to have the chance to spend those 9 days with great people.

Kinda bittersweet at the end though, because one kid was all like 'See you soon!'

We made them happy. And making someone else happy is probably one of the best feelings you could ever have. 

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