The GP Rep and Teacher

Languages has never been my strong point. Until I was taught by my GP Teacher.

I wrote a mock essay a few weeks before Promos, and knew that I wouldn't make it.  It was less than a page long, even though I had the standard two hours given to us. It was shoddy, barely coherent, and is probably the worse excuse for an attempt at an essay. An eyesore, simply put. I didn't know what I could do at this point, mainly because I tried everything that I've ever thought of.

But along comes Mr Er. He sees my depressing paper. And he's aghast. 

I was prepared for the usual teacher's litany. But it was what he said next and did that made all the difference from being an ordinary teacher, to one who is unique. He wanted to see me every other day for the next few weeks, and for every session I had, I was to write out whatever that came to my mind on any given topic, where the most memorable line being 'even if you've got nothing to write about, you jolly well write about why you've got nothing to write about.'

It may not seem all that big of a deal to most of you, but it might as well be Himalayan to me. 

I was uneasy. But he was so driven in seeing me succeed, taking the bulk of his time to find out the problem with my writing, or lack thereof, rather. I didn't want to let him down. So I just delved right into it, putting elbow grease, attempt after attempt, meeting him whenever he could, even if it was on his off days. That's just how dedicated he is.

And after all that hard work, I managed to procure a 3 page essay for Promos. Still short by the current standard, but it was a marked improvement. The best piece of work I've ever done, with a fitting mark of 37 to go along with it. And I'm just ecstatic.

If it weren't for his dogged determination to see a student succeed, I know I wouldn't have done anywhere near as well as I did.

Thank you, sir.

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